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Moonwalkr MIND Helmet

Moonwalkr MIND Helmet

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Worlds Coolest Helmet, Literally.

The primary function of helmets is to keep the player safe, but whoever said we have to stop there?

Welcome to the world's first cricket helmet with 30 air vents. This futuristic headgear has a 30-point ventilation system designed to facilitate airflow during play and avoid heat build-up in the toughest conditions.

Make the ball feel the heat!


Stronger than the Strongest Ball.

Take on the fastest of bowlers with a helmet that is just short of bulletproof. This high-grade headgear protects both the Head and the Mind! It has a unique structural design and rigid zones that can take impacts up to 160 kmph!

Our answer to high-speed impact was not to go thicker, but smarter. MIND’s aerodynamic front profile deflects the ball instead of resisting it, which results in minimal force transferred to the head.

It is also the world’s first cricket helmet with an in-built lower head protector. The additional protection comes with no restriction to all-around head movement.

Get into battle mode with the high-carbon steel grille system designed for high impacts, maximum visibility, and comfort during play.

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